Philippine Bible Society

Drug dealer turned Word preacher

A testimony by Bernard Hernandez of Quezon City

My whole life, I was a misfit. It’s not surprising being that my father is a convict and I have a drug den for a home. I became a drug user and pusher, which earned me three trips to jail. I was a wreck with no direction in life at all. Everyone thought I was hopeless.

Except for a friend who took me in as a helper in his catering business. While serving in one of his events, a TV was on and I saw a man giving a testimony. He spoke about Jesus and the things he said made me uneasy. The next day, I attended church with my friend where I received a copy of the Bible. God, whom I never knew, started revealing Himself to me from there.

Reading the Bible felt like God is directly speaking to me. I remember the first time I read John 3:16. It’s like He was telling me: “I love you very much. I have taken your punishment. You will not die, but will have eternal life. Believe in me.” So I started trusting Him. And every day after that, I held tight unto His promises. I also discovered that hymns and singing helped me reflect on God’s Word deeper.

But trying times also came and tested my faith. I was awfully devastated when my wife cheated on me and my parents passed away just a month apart from each other. That was the lowest point of my life. I didn’t think I could go on living. But God said in Isaiah 40:31, “those who wait on me shall renew their strength.” In my grief, He didn’t leave me. God encouraged me and taught me that His purposes are always good. I clung unto Him more tightly as I grasped this truth.

Gradually, He replaced my mourning with joy.   I witnessed my siblings come to faith in God. His Word is true when He said, “believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved — you and your family.” Even dearer to my heart, one Father’s Day, my youngest son asked me for forgiveness. Because of that, our relationship deepened. We now face our challenges and triumphs together. My older son was also miraculously healed after I prayed for him. God is so faithful!