Philippine Bible Society

Dr. Ebojo: SB production is ‘no-nonsense ambition’

1920178_722834694431350_7494467496097790780_nPhilippine Bible Society Publishing Manager Dr. Edgar B. Ebojo recognized the production of a Study Bible as a “no-nonsense ambition,” which he hopes the Bible Society would be able to do.
Dr. Ebojo made the statement after returning from the United Bible Societies’ Workshop on Study Bibles that was hosted by the Korean Bible Society last October 4-12, 2014.
“Producing one (Study Bible) requires time, effort, skills, dedication, and a secure source of funding to ensure the highest quality of production to be achieved satisfactorily,” he explained, adding that such level of production is he hopes to achieve at PBS.
To date, the Bible Society, in partnership with the Philippine Home Bible League, has produced the Tagalog Topical Study Bible in 1998 and is presently preparing the Tagalog Devotional Study Bible. Dr. Ebojo shared that they will start work on another Study Bible project, the Filipino Study Bible for Pastors, in the near future.
Dr. Ebojo also said that the Study Bible is a “deeper Scripture engagement” for both reader and publisher.
“While the Study Bible allows the reader to delve deeper into the Word, the publisher is entrusted with a special responsibility to uphold the legacy of deeper Scripture engagement that continues to be fruitful and relevant as early Christians were able to enjoy in regard to manuscripts they left for deciphering,” Dr. Ebojo explained.

Aside from PBS, also present during the workshop were representatives from both Computer-Assisted Publishing and Translation departments of the Bible Societies of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Greece, Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Viet Nam, and Zambia. The UBS facilitators group which included Dr Reinier de Blois (UBS-ICAP head), Dr Simon Wong (UBS-GTA), Brian Renes (US), Zeth Bitjoli (Indonesia), Miguel Chuga (Guatemala), and Tomas Ortiz (Canada) were also present.
The topics discussed covered various stages of setting up Study Bible projects — from initial conception to typesetting stages, including template designs, and how to fully utilize ParaTExt for this kind of purposes.
Participants were also mentored on how to convert text files to ParaTExt format, Publishing Assistant, and eventually to its In-Design format. A hands-on text conversion session was held wherein participants converted “dummy texts” into “PA-ready text.” They were also taught how to use the Translation Monitoring System (TMS) to track the progress of their Study Bible projects.