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The celebration of the National Bible Month (NBM) highlights the role and importance of God’s Word in our lives both on a personal and national scale. It traces its origin all the way back to 1986. Since then, it has evolved from National Bible Week to the National Bible Month we know and celebrate today. It is backed up by Presidential Proclamations 2242, 40, 1067, and more recently, No. 124 declared by President Rodrigo Duterte in 2017.
The NBM is jam-packed with activities! Parades, motorcades, and rallies are organized by churches that have come together. Sermons and homilies are specifically prepared to focus on the Bible’s powerful transforming impact in people’s lives. Streamers and posters are put up to call attention to this significant event. Scripture materials are also distributed on the streets and other public places.
There is really no denying that God’s Word transforms lives! It contains timeless principles that, when heeded and obeyed, can change people for the better. True development and lasting change is truly possible.
Influence a whole nation by touching one heart today!

Support the celebration; transform the nation!

Contributions will help aid the…

  • Logistics behind NBM preparations and execution
  • Production of NBM materials
  • Preparation and execution of NBM events
  • …and so much more!

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