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The Bible for the Deaf is a project that the Philippine Bible Society is determined to complete in order to make God’s Word available in the heart language of the deaf community. While there are some churches that already communicate their Sunday services via the sign language, the problem is that only 50-60% of the message is understood. This is because sign languages are complex and entirely distinct from spoken languages.

Sign language, which serves as the deaf community’s mode of communication, has its own structure and grammar. The task of faithfully presenting God’s Word in a visual translation is extremely difficult and demanding. This endeavor requires a lot of research and translators who have the patience and willingness to power through many revisions.

This project can make a huge difference in the lives of those within this often neglected community. Your support in creating a Bible for the Deaf can help these people encounter God’s Word and fully understand His message of love and forgiveness.
Those who communicate via spoken languages may outnumber those who do not but, the Deaf community matters.
We cannot count them out simply because they cannot make their voices audibly heard.

Connect them to God’s Word; welcome them into His family!

Contributions will help aid the…

  • Completion of needed research
  • Translation process
  • Production of the finished project
  • Distribution of the finished project
  • Promotion of the finished project

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