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Below is the progress of our charity campaign to support local projects related to ecology and human rights.

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The Adopt a Church Program (AACP)

AACP is an initiative that strives to put the focus on the importance of discipleship. It began its first cycle or round of training sessions and Bible distributions in 2018. As of today, thousands of Bibles have been distributed and hundreds of discipleship materials have been used to equip leaders that come from different churches and parishes.

The unfortunate reality is that there are many struggling congregations that cannot afford their own Scripture materials. As a result, having no solid foundation of discipleship, growing their ministries becomes difficult. The AACP addresses this concern by connecting these churches and parishes in need to gracious and open-handed donors. These donors may be individuals, other churches and parishes, or organizations.

It’s amazing how the AACP presents all of us with the opportunity to take part in growing God’s Kingdom. Your support can provide Bibles, discipleship materials, and training for those who have hearts that want to serve the Lord.
Our heavenly Father tells us to go and make disciples.

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