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Distribution and updates of MTBO

God saves those who trust in His Word
The Bibliarasal de Navotas Divine Services (BINDS), a movement in Navotas that is actively involved in the May They Be One Bible (MTBO) campaign, testifies that miracles happen to those who believe God and His Word.
Just when people were expecting Navotas to be submerged into the heavy floods brought by typhoon Ondoy, a miracle spared their city such that no part was damaged. Believing this to be God’s act of grace, BINDS held a thanksgiving hour to the Lord on October 1  and also held a fundraising project Sept 27-Oct. 9 to help victims of  the flood.  BINDS, founded by Bro. Frank Reyes, meets in small groups every week to study  the Word of God using MTBO Bibles and seeks to live the Scriptures in daily life.


The new Archbishop of Pangasinan receives MTBO Bibles
On November 5, members of the MTBO Advisory Committee, including Ambassador Henrietta de Villa,  attended the installation of the Most Rev. Socrates Villegas as Archbishop of Pangasinan and presented him with 50 Ilocano and 50 Pangasinense MTBO Bibles for the Biblical apostolate of his diocese.
Target No. of Bibles for Distribution for 2009: 100,000 cps.
No. of  Bibles Distributed (from Jan – October): 70,603
1.  RTPV Tagalog             =   36,168 copies
2.  TEV English                =   10,071 copies
3.  BPV Bicol                   =    1,004 copies
4.  RCPV Cebuano            =  15,482 copies
5.  HPV Hiligaynon           =    5,002 copies
6.  RIPV Ilocano               =    2,507 copies
7.  PNPV Pangasinense      =      404 copies
Total                              = 70,603 copies
Parishes/Communities served: At least 300
Total Funds Needed for Printing and Transport of Bibles in 2009:  P10M

Support the May They Be One Bible Campaign and help bring God’s Word to more Filipino homes.  Your contribution of at least P150/month will enable a poor family to own a Bible. For more Campaign info-visit, email or call ECBA – Fr. Oscar Alunday, 470 Gen. Luna St., Intramuros, Mla. Telefax no. 5279386; ; PBS-Mrs. Perry Cartera/Mrs. Juliet Rivera at 890 UN Ave., Ermita Mla.; ; ; Tel. nos. 5215785/5246523 loc.150, 154-157, Fax No. 5215803; 09178590019 /09156727492 /09182802775