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Declutter Your Life, Make Time for Bible Reading

It is not surprising that the first words we typically associate with “cleaning” and “de-cluttering” are house organization, room sanitation, and even waste segregation. Notice how all these three activities focus on the physical act of cleaning. When we are faced with clutter and mess, we have an undeniable urge to make things tidy. When we see dishes on the sink, we feel the need to wash them. When there is an unwanted stain on the bathroom floor, we scrub until it is gone. And for those who are particularly eco-conscious, to sort out the day’s trash or a meal’s leftovers becomes second nature.

This is not a bad thing. It is just how we have been trained growing up.

But what if we applied this concept in our personal lives on a much deeper level? Instead of thinking about “clutter” as something physical like piles of worn clothes, stacks of outdated magazines, and faded receipts, maybe it is time that we look at clutter from a new perspective.

Physical clutter


Soul clutter flowchart

Clutter can cloud one’s mind, heart, and soul with intangible things that are both unnecessary and unimportant.

A clutter-filled life makes it hard for a person…

To find out what he/she needs.

To find time to pause, focus, and be silent.

To find clarity and direction.

That is why we thank the Lord for giving us His precious and unchanging Word! The Bible is the gift that literally keeps on giving. We hope that you will be encouraged to read and rely on the truths and teachings found within its pages.

A person who fills his/her life with God’s Word…

Has access to the spiritual nourishment, comfort, joy, hope, freedom, peace, and purpose that he/she needs.

Has time for rest and reflection amidst the busyness and noise being spread all over the world.

Is blessed with clarity and direction so he/she can be guided on the path to becoming the faithful servant God wants him/her to be.

We praise the Lord for His unconditional love that overwhelms us from the inside out! May we all be more mindful of the things that we allow to enter in and influence our lives. It is wise to regularly evaluate our habits, attitudes, and activities. In each of these reflection sessions, let us ask ourselves: Is it time to clean and de-clutter?

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