Philippine Bible Society

Chinese Scripture Forum Convenes in Yunnan, China

The Philippine Bible Society, represented by its Associate General Secretary Perry Cartera, participated in the recently completed Chinese Scripture Forum in Yunnan, China. Other delegates in the forum included Bible leaders from the UBS Ministry Exchange, UBS Bible Translation, UBS China Partnership, and British and Foreign Bible Society as well as general secretaries of the Bible Societies of Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong, Malaysia, and Thailand.
Discussions during the forum centered on the publication of Chinese Scriptures and Bible study materials for Christians in Chinese-speaking countries. The demand for diglot Bibles is reported to be growing, as many Chinese Christians in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Thailand are born in a multilingual background and are literate in languages other than Chinese. The meeting also tackled engagement programs to promote Bible reading, like Bible mission trips, book fairs, dialogue session with business people, and Bible seminars.
As of date, China has already produced 150 million copies of the Bible since the establishment of the Amity Printing Company in 1987, which is now hailed as the world’s biggest Bible printing factory. About 74M Bibles were distributed within China while 76M were printed for other National Bible Societies, with Africa as the top recipient.