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Time and time again, the Bible proves how it is more than just a book with lives transformed by God through it. And for Erlinda Camba, a housewife from Guinobatan, Albay, her story is both that of redemption and inspiration through the life-giving Word. After receiving her first May They Be One (MTBO) Bible and being blessed by it, she has become an avenue for others to likewise encounter God through His Word.

A self-indulgent and established businesswoman, Erlinda first thought that she can do life on her own. She admits that all she cared about was raking in more money and refused to entertain anything that is spiritual in nature. Her hard-earned possessions, however, proved to be fleeting and unsatisfying. It took a burned down house and a bankrupt business before she sought refuge to the only One that truly satisfies.

Through a friend, she was invited to attend a Christian education seminar at their parish where she received her first MTBO Bible. In reading the Scriptures, Erlinda discovered that she was not alone in her great trial and heartbreak. She especially resonated with the story of Job and found herself falling in love with God’s Living Word.

“The Bible is like a mirror to me. I saw my history in the life of Job. Now, when I share my life, the lessons I learned from God inspires others,” says Erlinda.

Today, aside from serving actively in their parish together with her husband, Erlinda is also giving away copies of MTBO Bibles to her friends. She is able to bless more people with free Bible copies because of the low cost of MTBO Bibles. She also happily shared that unlike before, their parish members have become interested to read and obey the teachings of the Word. Erlinda speaks of this same effect in her life saying, “Back then I would always judge my husband and neighbors. By the grace of God, I now have self-control.”

It is our desire that more Filipinos, like Erlinda, would have the opportunity to draw hope, strength, guidance, and life from the wellspring of His Word. Pray with us for the continuous printing and nationwide distribution of MTBO Bibles.

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  • PBS September 20, 2017 8:17 am

    Thank you so much for taking time to read this story. God bless you! 🙂

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