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Bibles from BRIMS reach even small communities

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In the town of Santo Niño in Biñan, Laguna, the gospel of Christ reaches even homes by the railway tracks through the efforts of local church volunteers. One of them is Antonette Diaz-Kogo. She is a fulltime housewife who recently attended the Philippine Bible Society’s Bible Relevance in Modern Times Seminar (BRIMS). Coming from the seminar, Antonette received boxes of New Testament, study Bibles, and other Scripture materials, which she gives away to bless others.


“I asked God to help me give a Bible to one person for each day of the year. God gave me so much more! Through BRIMS, we’re able to secure Bibles at a low cost. We now have about a thousand of Bibles ready for our outreach groups,” she said.


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Antonette and her churchmates were also grateful for the equipping they received through BRIMS on the topic “Bible Narratives” taught by Pastor Noli Mendoza last October 23.


“The seminar helped me study the Bible better and reflect from a correct understanding. I’m now confident to minister to children in our outreach. I’m very thankful that our city councilor told us about BRIMS and helped us attend,” she said.


Antonette also expressed excitement on the progress of their ministry. “We regularly conduct feeding programs and weekly Bible studies to about 45 children. We’re even more encouraged because their parents also started attending and we now have a separate Bible study group for them,” she said.



Moreover, Antonette shared that additional endeavors are also enabled with the Scripture materials they received. “We have 24 barangays in our vicinity. Our church’s target is to have Bibles in all the barangays. We will also give tracts to people in the cemeteries. And on December when we do Christmas carols, we plan to give copies of Bibles and gospel tracts.”


All of this was possible, Antonette said, only by God’s kindness toward simple folks like her. As much as she is thankful for the gifts that she get to share with others, she also praises God because she herself has experienced God’s care through His Word.


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