Philippine Bible Society

Bibles for Street Bulilits

The Philippine Bible Society celebrated World Day of Prayer (WDP) on May 9 2012 with some 33 street children in center in Tondo, Manila.

A day of intercession for the Bible work around the globe and a commemoration of the founding of the United Bible Societies, the WDP is also an opportunity to distribute scriptures in line with the mission of making the Bible known.

PBS shared the Word to the kids of Onesimo Bulilit Foundation, a non-profit, non-government and faith-based organization helping  abused, neglected and abandoned kids aged 6 to 13. PBS General Secretary Dr. Nora G. Lucero with staff members and volunteers  shared not just  the Bible but also fun with kids— singing, dancing, coloring, storytelling and movie watching with them.

The kids also enjoyed the yummy lollies and lunch that were given them as a treat.  It was wonderful experience for both the children – who for a little while forgot their cares and empty stomachs  and for the staff – who were touched by the hunger not just for physical but more so for spiritual food of the abused and abandoned angels.

Challenged and inspired by the experience, Dr. Lucero says PBS staff will henceforth conduct quarterly outreach and scripture distribution visits to the Drop-In center so that many more street bulilits (tiny tots) will be able to engage with and eventually be transformed by God’s Word.