Philippine Bible Society

Bible Society Launches New Translation of the Gospel of Mark

The Philippine Bible Society and its local partners in Abra joined together in launching the Tinggian-Inlaud translation of the Gospel of Mark in San Juan, Abra last February 25, 2015. Inlaud is one of the 11 dialects of the Tinggian tribe. The Tinggian language is spoken in the province of Abra, and in some parts of Ilocos Sur, and Ilocos Norte.
The launching was not only an official event but was in fact a communal and cultural celebration. Adorned in their majestic traditional attires, representatives from the different Tinggian sub-groups proudly offered indigenous dances, music, and “uggayam” (traditional chant), in honor of the God who can also “speak their language”.
While the primary goal of the new translation was to communicate the Good News, it can also help in the preservation and enrichment of the language. As its main translator, Mr Rey Calinap, insightfully shared, “We will all benefit from this translation.” He explained that teachers like him can use the translation to comply with the Department of Education (DepEd) order to use their mother tongue in teaching K-Grade 3, in line with the agency’s Mother Tongue Based-Multilingual Education (MTB-MLE) program. He added, “The students will benefit, most of all, because they not only get to learn their native language, but learn how to write in Tinggian as well.” Dr. Rose Brilliantes, the other member of the translation team, share Mr Calinap’s view.
For his part, Rev. Fr. Oscar Alunday, SVD, the prime mover of the project, expressed his gratitude to the project’s donors and supporters. “The translation project that you supported deepens the spirituality of the people in living (by) the Word of God,” he said.
The PBS contingent who traveled to Abra for the celebration includes Mrs. Esperanza Cartera (Associate General Secretary), Dr. Edgar Ebojo, Raymond Francisco, Herbert Osio, Jojee Martinez, and Leizel Ocampo. They were joined also by Dr. Anicia del Corro and Bishop Daniel Arichea, Jr., as well as Dr. Ruth Arichea. Dr. del Corro and Bishop Arichea served as Translation Consultants for this project. Local partners in the project launching include the Regional Biblical Apostolate, the Diocese of Abra, the Department of Education, the St John Parish and other local churches in the area, as well as the local government of San Juan.