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Bible Reading Routines We Recommend

Each person is unique and comes with his or her own set of preferences. That is why meeting people with different reading styles and routines is no surprise at all, and interestingly, this can apply to Bible reading as well! Meaning, some people read faster, hoping to finish the Bible in one year or less. Others choose to read slowly, savoring each chapter as they go.

Today, we’re going to share with you several types of Bible reading routines that go beyond the idea of “how fast” or “how slow” you read. We’re going to delve into these different routines you can try before you settle on one that suits you.

For those who are overwhelmed by the number of pages…

We recommend setting aside one day to take a good look at the Bible you currently have. Assess yourself by trying to read a couple of chapters from one book of the Bible. Based on how long it took you to finish, you can now properly gauge just how much you can commit to read each day. But remember, it’s not about speed or quantity of pages finished. What’s important is that you understand and internalize the Word of God.

For those who are intimidated by the language…

We recommend that you first make a personal assessment of yourself. What language are you most comfortable with? Maybe your “speaking” language differs from your “reading” language. What matters is that you have chosen a Bible that is translated in your heart language. It is a different kind of feeling – one that is deep, profound, and personal – to get the full impact of God’s Word.

For those who feel like they have no time…

We recommend that you evaluate your week through a physical or digital planner. See which tasks you can group together in the morning, afternoon, and night. Maybe you have been overscheduling and over-planning. Maybe you need to space out tasks better in the future. In that way, you’ll have more time to prioritize your Bible reading. It is ideal that we offer our best or premium time to the Lord, and not the “extra” time or the “left over” time slots in our day. He deserves our best!

For those who want a more engaging reading experience…

We recommend that you pair your Bible reading with a journaling practice. Every time you read your Bible, you can use the journal as your personal log. You can include the following: verses that struck you, passages that you want to read again in the future, characters that made an impact on you, promises of God you want to hold on to, and more. This Bible-journaling practice will make you a more mindful and active reader.

For those who want to be consistent in their practice…

We recommend that you keep a physical or digital tracker for your Bible reading practice. Imagine if you consistently check off days of Bible reading. You will be more motivated to read every day. But again, what matters is not the completed tracker but the knowledge, wisdom, and love you get from reading God’s Word.

We hope these Bible reading routine suggestions will be helpful for you! But we won’t stop there! We at PBS want to provide you with a free Bible reading tracker. It’s a downloadable PDF file that you can print, decorate, and even laminate (to create a DIY whiteboard)!

Feel free to re-print a copy for each month.

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  • Leciram July 12, 2019 10:27 am

    I read the Bible everyday to recognise my sin and be comforted after a whole day of struggling over anything bad and whatsoever. By reading the Bible everything happened to me flashes back, and so I know all my sins and that after the disobedience I’m still forgiven

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