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Bible-based Trauma Healing Program advances with more trained facilitators

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November 13-15, 2017


The Philippine Bible Society (PBS) welcomes new apprentice facilitators for the Trauma Healing Program (THP) after completing an Initial Equipping Session last Nov 13-15 at the PBS Ministry Building. Having more trained facilitators means wider opportunities to advocate for and establish Bible-based trauma healing groups among communities.

Adapting the model of the Trauma Healing Institute of the American Bible Society, THP organizes trauma healing groups where interactive activities are combined with biblical principles to properly lead the participants in coping with grief, pain, and trauma. Due to the deeply personal nature of trauma cases, standard steps are taken to certify individuals for leading trauma healing groups.


The program proves crucial and urgent as many churches and organizations lack intentional help for trauma victims especially in the provinces where natural calamities and armed conflicts are persistent realities. Stefany Lee, a Training Facilitator based in the Visayas region, is burdened to address this need after encountering war refugees from the recent five-month long siege in Marawi City.


“My healing group members are mostly young people. Our group is a place of trust, safety, and comfort. As they open up their lives, our relationships deepen. We journey together as we deal with our pain, loss, and grief. And it’s a real blessing to see all of them grow and recover. Even my pastor has seen the good impact of the healing group to my participants,” says Stefany.


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To date, the Trauma Healing Program of PBS has four Training Facilitators, four Healing Group Facilitators, and 45 Apprentice Facilitators.


“We’re glad that there are now Filipino Trainers who can train facilitators. Trauma Healing can be one of the ministries that our Filipino churches can offer to minister to people in their communities who have undergone traumatic experiences like disasters, loss of loved ones, rape, violence, etc.,” says PBS Associate General Secretary Perry Cartera. She’s also a newly certified Training Facilitator and has led the Initial Equipping Session with the help certified trainers Ruby Bongolan and Renafe Tindoy.


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New Apprentice Facilitator Miriam Del Rosario finds this kind of ministry both a responsibility and a privilege. She says, “Because of the training, I’m now better equipped to help the mothers and children at the dumpsite we’re ministering to. We can truly bring more hope to those suffering from poverty, abuse, and disabilities.” She also shared that the local government of Muntinlupa is set to collaborate with their foundation for a community-based rehabilitation program in their area.


With more workers at hand, the comfort and healing power of God’s Word becomes accessible to more communities. As PBS General Secretary Dr. Nora Lucero charges the facilitators forward, “You are instruments of God’s grace, His glory, His healing. Your own healing from God will be a blessing to others. May we persevere to share with others the gifts that we have.”


Should you be interested to start a Trauma Healing Program in your church, organization, or community, please contact us at (02) 526-7777. You may also click here to know how you can support the program.



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