Philippine Bible Society

At the 45th Annual Membership Meeting

The Philippine Bible Society held its 45th Annual Membership Meeting last April 17, 2010 at the PBS Ministry Facility, where 168 regular members, friends of the Bible, Board and staff attended. At the commence of the program, the Bible Museum at the second floor was softly launched where it exhibited presentations of how the Bible came to us through panels and replicas as well as a display of various Bibles in its earliest translations.
Due to the ash-spewing of a volcano in Iceland that caused cancellation of all flights to and out of England, guest speaker Rev. Dr. A. Miller Milloy was unable to grace the event. Bp. Nathanael Lazaro, PBS Chairman of the Board of Trustees, honored the membership body with his own message merged with Dr. Milloy’s speech.
The second part of the annual membership meeting was the business meeting proper. This included the annual discussion on the agendas such as last year’s Minutes of the meeting, reports and ratifications on amendments raised, among others. During the business meeting, PBS also held an election for new members in the Board of Trustees that will be vacated by six retiring Board members namely:  Amb. Henrietta de Villa, Rev. Valentin Chaves, Bp. Cesar Punzalan III, Atty. Robinson, Dr. Jonathan Exiomo and Rev. Marie Sol Sioco-Villalon. Elected in their places are: Rev. Dr. Ruth Billena and Mrs. Guia del Rosario for NCCP clergy and lay, respectively; Atty. Joe Tale for the Roman Catholic Church lay; Bp. Jonel Milan and Bp. Ellie Mercado for PCEC Clergy; and Mr. Ramon de la Torre for PCEC Lay.
The business meeting adjourned at 12:35PM with PBS Board Vice-President and Vice-Chairman, Bp. Broderick Pabillo closing in prayer.