Philippine Bible Society

ASTIG: All Set to Imitate God

Watch ASTIG!
on ABC Channel 5
every Saturday @ 10:30AM! 

Are you thinking that kiddie shows nowadays present less or no values at all in their content? If you get to watch with your kids, you probably noticed that most shows promote violence and other negative messages in the guise of animated shows.
But, thank God, we have a kiddie program to counter these shows! It’s calledASTIG!
ASTIG stands for All Set to Imitate God, a program shown every Saturday morning from 10:30 to 11 am at ABC Channel 5. In this program, kids are treated to an alternative kiddie show that seeks not only to entertain but also to educate children on Christian values in a creative, innovative and fun-filled manner. It also presents to its young audience informative features, crafts, and Bible stories with practical applications.
This show, produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)-Asia is, supported by the Philippine Bible Society.