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Asia Pacific Catholic Affinity Group convenes at PBS for its annual meeting

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The Philippine Bible Society (PBS) hosted the United Bible Societies (UBS) Asia Pacific Catholic Affinity Group Meeting last August 16-17, 2017. The delegates were composed of 18 leaders and representatives from various countries in the Asia Pacific region.


“This meeting provided an avenue for sharing of best practices all for the goal of better serving the Roman Catholic Church in their Scripture needs,” says PBS General Secretary Dr. Nora G. Lucero.


“Here in PBS, we are celebrating our 50th year in partnership with the Catholic Church in providing the Scriptures in the languages they need. We praise God that the relationship continues to strengthen. We not only get to provide the Scriptures for them but also engage the people to go deeper in the Word,” she added.


The meeting concluded with specific recommendations geared towards improving service and partnerships in their respective territories. Their next steps include creating Scripture materials suited to the needs of the Catholic faithful as well as intentionally forging strategic partnerships with other Bible Societies.


To date, there are 200 territories and countries represented in the UBS, which is a fellowship of Bible Societies from all over the world. Of this number, approximately 28 countries and territories are in the Asia Pacific region.


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