Philippine Bible Society

Ang Bible: Pinoy Version, PBS’s Gift to Filipinos

The Philippine Bible Society launched its latest offering, Ang Bible: Pinoy Version, on June 5, 2023. More than 480 youth, church leaders, and workers joined the program held at the PBS Ministry Tower Meeting Hall. 

PBS President and Chairman retired Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno commented about the Pinoy Version, “never before has there been a [heterogeneous] translation of the Bible – Filipino version.”  He affirmed that the Pinoy Version is faithful to the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Old and New Testament. The translation team “is composed of experts who have gained universal recognition for their rare linguistic skills, which are honed through numerous years and founded on deep knowledge of the Old and the New Testament.” 

PBS Translation Consultant Dr. Anicia del Corro related the Pinoy Version translation story, saying that PBS undertook the project to make the Bible more relatable and understandable, especially to the youth. That is why PBS used the everyday language of the Filipinos, making it the first Bible in a heterogeneous language (Taglish). She shared that PBS formed four teams of Filipino translators to work on the translation. Dr. del Corro reassured the assembly that the Pinoy Version is not intimidating; it is simple yet faithful to the Word, conversational yet meaningful.

PBS General Secretary Mrs. Victoria Esperanza “Perry” Cartera acknowledged that the latest version is a community effort of Bible believers. It is supported by the Roman Catholic Church, the National Council of Churches in the Philippines, the Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, and independent churches in the country. That is why PBS released Catholic and Protestant editions of Ang Bible: Pinoy Version. Meanwhile, it will use a special edition for its Bible distribution efforts with Word Riders Philippines. 

Retired Chief Justice Puno expressed PBS’s goal for the version, saying that it can be a game changer in the Bible Society’s continuing efforts to bring the Word of God to every corner of the country in a language that people can understand. He remarked, “It is only with full understanding that we can hope that its spiritual message can pierce the hearts of each listener.”

This makes Ang Bible: Pinoy Version truly PBS’s gift to Filipinos.