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A Poimen for the Mangyan Pastors

We began a fundraising initiative–under the Adopt a Church Program (AACP)–for Mangyan pastors in Mindoro last July 2019. By God’s grace, we raised enough funds for 110 Poimen Bibles.

PBS Church Relations Officer Ivan Gervacio shared, “When I found out that there were 110 Poimen Bibles to be distributed to the Mangyans, I knew that more pastors would be equipped [as church leaders]. Once equipped, they would gain more confidence to reach out to other Mangyan tribes. If there are urgent ministry [events], they would already have materials to use, because there are liturgies or service formats (for wedding ceremonies, graduation celebrations, etc.) found in the Poimen Bibles.”

On September 29, 2019, we journeyed by boat to Oriental Mindoro for an AACP training session and Bible distribution activity the following day–Monday. We thank God for the traveling mercies He bestowed upon the members of the PBS AACP team. The team consisted of the following: Pastor Mel Cartera (PBS Adopt a Church Program Trainer and BRIMS Speaker), Kay Maatubang (PBS Resource Development Manager), Ivan Gervacio (PBS Church Relations Officer), Aura Villarosa (PBS Multi-media and Promotions Assistant), and Francine Tan (PBS Communication Officer).

More than the smooth journey, the team was blessed with the welcoming smiles of the Mangyan pastors from the Mangyan Tribal Churches Association (MTCA). There were 35 pastors who participated, representing six Mangyan tribes. Pastor Mel conducted a brief but informative Bible lecture, which fully equipped the pastors with knowledge that can help them maximize their Poimen Bible reading experience.

Each of the 35 Mangyan pastors received one Poimen Bible, while the remaining copies were set to be distributed among the members of the various Mangyan tribes in Mindoro. Upon receiving their very own copies, their wide smiles reflected the overwhelming gratitude they felt in their hearts.

“There is no exaggeration here when I say that it is impossible to describe the joy on their faces the moment they received their Poimen Bibles. For the recipients, they didn’t just feel happiness from getting new Bibles, but they also experienced the care that the givers [of these Bibles] had for them,” said Mr. Gervacio.

If you were present in that moment, look closely and you would see tears of joy in some of the pastors’ faces while reading the letters that were specifically addressed to them. These letters, which were written by the very people who supported this fundraising initiative, were tucked securely within the first few pages of their Poimen Bible copies.

Two weeks after the trip, Mr. Gervacio still continues to express his gratitude: “I thank the donors because they did not give out of a sense of obligation. They gave because they understood the need. They felt the need, saw the need, and–I am so grateful for this–they responded to the need.”

We praise God for this successful initiative! May the Lord pour out more blessings upon the AACP’s upcoming special projects.

If your heart has been touched and is continuously being prompted by our amazing God, then we invite you to what you can today to the