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A Mindful Bible Reader

Some say people have the tendency to get easily distracted. This is true especially when we are cruising across verbose and irksome paragraphs. We can even flip through chapters of a book without realizing what it is about in the first place.

Thus, it is important to cultivate the attitude of mindfulness when reading the Bible.

From all of us at PBS, it is our prayer that you cultivate this habit. When you meditate on God’s Word, may you be mindful of His love and goodness at its depth.

We want to support you in your Bible reading journey. Here we’ve compiled several tips on how you can be more present and mindful whenever you read God’s Word:

1.) Remember that the Bible is a precious gift from God, our Heavenly Father

Your attention may wander off while you read other materials because you may not be totally invested in what you are reading. But with God’s Word – we pray that you take it seriously! The Bible contains God’s love notes to all of us. From Genesis to Revelation, God is speaking to us about His everlasting love, faithfulness and grace through the Bible. Take your time as you savor the word, phrases, and verses from inside out.

2.) Spend time in quiet communion and prayer with the Lord before reading His Word

Prayer is a very encouraging discipline that will help you ease yourself into your Bible reading time. Before you pray, go to a place where your soul can be at peace. Close your eyes and imagine God right there with you, then start praying, pouring your heart to Him, asking for His forgiveness and thanking Him for all He has done. Then seek Him in His Word. Ask God to open your heart and mind while He is speaking to you through the Bible. And ask Him to teach you to close your heart and mind to usual distractions like FB notifications, emails or text messages, etc.

3.) Have writing materials with you to write down your insights and the verses that spoke to you

These materials can make your Bible reading time more meaningful. With your pen and paper ready, you can become a more active reader. You can engage with the Bible in a deeper way because you’ll be writing key lessons and verses down at the same time.

4.) Try to memorize a new verse each time you go into your daily Bible reading time

Memorizing Bible verses is a very healthy practice. It encourages mindful Bible reading and it sharpens your heart and mind on verses and lessons that speak to you the most. The verses you have memorized will also serve as your shield and sword in the battles you may face daily as a unique individual.

5.) Share what you’ve read with someone who is in need of comfort and encouragement

It is our prayer that you become generous with the knowledge and wisdom you gained from God’s Word. Sharing with others about what you read or quoting the verses you memorized increases your chances of remembering what you studied! This will be helpful for you in the long run when you need to recall certain passages and Bible stories.

Those are 5 tips compiled just for you! We hope that you’ll see the beauty of being totally present when reading the Bible – after all, God deserves our best time and full attention.

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  • Maribel bartolome June 27, 2019 4:50 pm

    Nice advice thanks

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