Philippine Bible Society

A Life Touched by God’s Amazing Word

Three years had passed since Liza Requiero received her first Bible. Before that time, she only had curiosity and a restless heart. She gets easily irritated at her children and refuses to engage with her neighbors.
Day after day, she would see her neighbors serve at a parish in their small town of Oas, Albay. Oddly, she finds herself envious of them. What was so special? She also sees her mother-in-law regularly read the Bible and attend Bible study groups. She never asked about it but was secretly curious and wanted to know more.
She even thought – how can I be like them?
Her question soon got a reply and God gave her more than a simple answer.
Liza’s mother-in-law invited her to join their study group and got to read the Bible herself. This housewife finally met God in His Word. Since the day she received her May They Be One (MTBO) Bible and read it, her life has never been the same.
“Reading the Bible is completely different experience. It has helped me a lot. I saw many changes in my life and behavior. My spiritual life has also deepened,” Liza shares. She added that she has benefited much from the seminars and Bible formation sessions in their parish. Her old tendency of being easily irritable has also completely turned around.
She found complete and incomparable hope in God, too, when her husband suffered a mild stroke. She sought refuge in the Bible and was not disappointed. She knew that God alone could take care of her family. And He did. Liza’s husband recovered. What’s even more astounding is that her children now go with her to church! Her loving encouragements for them to attend church had paid off. All along, God proved how faithful He was and how real the Word provides strength, guidance, and comfort.
Up to this day, Liza serves in their parish as catechist to three elementary schools in their area. She is no longer restless but hopeful. She shares her dreams as one who has learned to love God and others: “We want to give more MTBO Bibles with the help of our parish. To people whom we’ve already given Bibles, we encourage them to read and study the Bible regularly. As much as possible, we want to invite more and lead them to the Word.”
Together with Liza, we pray that more Filipinos will be reached by the life-changing message of the Bible.