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A letter of condolence and Bible for the Aquino family

NGL presents Bible to Sen. NoynoyThe whole Philippines grieved at the passing of our much loved and deeply respected late President Corazon Aquino on August 1, 2009. We remember her as the 2nd Philippine President who proclaimed the celebration of the National Bible Week during the last week of January annually. Through this proclamation, she gave importance to the Word of God in her governance role and enjoined the country to obey its principles in its life and conduct. The annual National Bible Week was empowered by Presidential Proclamations 44 and 1067, enjoining Filipinos to focus on the reading and studying of God’s Word for the country’s spiritual, moral and social stability.
Sen. Noynoy AquinoMr. Rene Cristobal, Dr. Medarlo Rivera and Mrs. Juliet Rivera, Perry Cartera and myself had the opportunity to see her remains at the Manila Cathedral on August 2 where she was transferred from La Salle Greenhills. Hundreds of supporters and friends lined up the streets of Intramuros to condole with the family and see her remains. Through Bishop Broderick Pabillo, Auxiliary Bishop of Manila, and Father Genie Diwa, we were able to come inside the Cathedral which was so full of expectant people. We had with us a Letter of Condolence and a special edition of the May They Be One Bible as our expression of solidarity and condolence to the family.
One by one the members of the Aquino family arrived at the Cathedral.  Brother Nonon Luciño, Assistant to Bishop Pabillo, hurriedly informed us that Senator Nonoy Aquino arrived and we could already give the Letter and Bible to him. The Senator was so accommodating and thankful that we were with them at this time of loss and appreciated our tokens of sympathy.
NGL presents Bible to Sen. Noynoy
Our prayers go with the Aquino family in celebrating the life of President Cory Aquino, our mother and icon of democracy.