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A Heart Changed by the One Who Never Changes

A Heart Changed by the One Who Never Changes

A testimony of Kevin Ng from Manila

August 10, 2018

Kevin Ng used to be a different man. He called himself wicked, unrighteous, and even “the worst person in his batch” at school. Most of his sentences began the way they ended—with a curse word or some other form of profanity.

Despite the fact that he would shout at his friends and become verbally and physically violent with his siblings, he was quite popular among the ladies. He admits that he had problems with lustful thoughts and being involved with many girls.

Kevin did not make time for the Lord or His Word. He was preoccupied with basketball and computer games. He had a tendency to hate people and he confessed to being very selfish and full of pride.

But our Lord, who never changes and who is always faithful, was not done with Kevin yet. He wanted to see Kevin’s life transformed. God worked in Kevin’s heart through his consistent involvement in youth camps where he has taken up various roles over the years.

Today, Kevin is a new person by God’s grace. He has been reading the Bible consistently. He makes it a part of his daily routine and that solidified this great change.

He studies the Bible in his own unique way. Kevin does not depend on devotional books alone; he goes straight to the source material itself. He starts the day with quiet time and meditation on God’s Word. He has been consistent in studying the Bible.

After graduating from the University of Santo Tomas (UST) with a degree in Marketing Management, Kevin hopes to find work as soon as possible to lessen the burden on his parents. And what also fills his heart is the need for him to lead his family to Christ. Kevin admits that he wants to be a pastor or a missionary in the future.

Clearly, his heart is no longer the one that used to curse, hate people, prioritize women over the Word, and hurt his siblings. Only the power of God can change such a heart. “The love and mercy is overwhelming,” says Kevin.

He encourages everyone to not just read the Bible, but to deeply engage with it. He calls on us to ponder on what God did for each of us and ends by saying, “You can’t find this love anywhere else.”

Let us continue to pray for Kevin, his family, and his journey. May his story of change bless you.

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