1. When is the PBS 55th Annual Membership Meeting?

Saturday, June 13, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

2. Required ba ako pumunta sa PBS office sa 890 United Nations Avenue, Ermita, Manila para mag-join sa 55th AMM?

Nais naming ma-ensure ang iyong kaligtasan. Hindi kailangan pumunta ng PBS. Ang AMM ay gagawin via webinar (remote communication). Ang mga bona fide members ay makaka-participate sa AMM Zoom Webinar.

3. Wala akong Zoom app. Mapapanood ko pa rin ba ang AMM?

Ang AMM ay may dalawang (2) parts. Ang Part 1 Worship Service ay mag-start ng 9:00 am and Part 2 Business Meeting ay mag-start naman ng 9:45 am. Kahit walang Zoom app, maaari mong mapanood ang Part 1 (Worship Service). Puntahan lang ang PBS Facebook Members’ Page: www.facebook.com/groups/FriendsofPhilippineBibleSociety.  Ang Part 2 (Business Meeting) ay kailangan na naka-Zoom app. Kung wala kang Zoom app ay hindi ka makaka-join ng business meeting at makaka-vote.

4. Anong oras ako dapat mag-log in sa AMM Zoom Webinar sa Saturday?

Magsisimula ang AMM Zoom Webinar at mavi-view sa PBS Facebook Members’ Page ng 9:00 ng umaga. Lahat ay ini-encourage na mag-log in sa AMM Zoom Webinar as early as 8:45 am, 15 minutes bago mag 9:00 AM.

5. Paano ako makaka-participate sa 55th AMM?

May matatanggap ka na email invitation galing sa PBS.  Buksan ang email. Naka-indicate doon ang link (in blue) after “To register using this form.”  I-click mo ito.  Ire-redirect ka sa Registration and Proxy Form page.  Fill-in with your name, email address, and choose YES, kung attending at NO, if not attending.  I-click ang “Submit” button.  Kapag na-receive naming ang iyong registration to attend, papadalhan ka ng email with the Subject: Complete Your Registration Today.

6. Paano mag-register sa AMM Zoom Webinar?

Sa na-receive mo na email with the Subject: Complete Your Registration Today, may naka-indicate doon na instruction gaya nito: To complete your registration to the event, please click this link: https://bit.ly/AMMZoom.

Fill this up at i-click ang “Register” button.  Ida-direct ka sa page na nakalagay ay Webinar Registration Approved.  Sa June 13, ito ang pupuntahan mong page dahil kailangan mo ma-click ang link para maka-join sa webinar.  Ang link na ito ay:

Please click this URL to join. https://us02web.zoom.us/w/84646377590?tk=wlEQMew2yCMXfW1_A_SSmgNkGdPWRyG1wkAvxgMtrd0.DQIAAAATtVE4dhZubnZKUHNoSVNPbUNpOUdsVGVlSWVRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&pwd=enBnS3l3S08zOXVRRTZaeitOdkI4UT09&uuid=WN_9uLJKMQFTOa7O-KOEM_a1Q  

TIP: Para madaling mapuntahan ang Webinar Registration Approved page on Saturday, June 13, i-save mo na ito sa bookmark bar.

7. Paano ako makaka-vote ng Board of Trustees?

May email at text confirmation ka na mare-receive galing sa PBS.  Tandaan ang personal 4-digit Election Access Code na nakalagay ditto.  Important ito para maka-participate ka sa election ng Board of Trustees.

8. Saan ko makikita ang links ng Registration and Proxy Form at ang AMM Zoom Webinar Link?

Ang registration and proxy form ay makikita sa email na pinadala ng PBS sa iyong email address na may Subject: PBS 55th Annual Membership Meeting. Ang AMM Zoom Webinar Link ay makikita naman sa email na pinadala sa iyong email address na may Subject: Complete Your Registration Today. Kung hindi mo na ito mahanap sa iyong mailbox, i-click mo na lang dito:

Registration and Proxy Form: https://bit.ly/55thAMM
AMM Zoom Webinar Link Form: https://bit.ly/AMMZoom

9. Nag-register na ako gamit ang Registration and Proxy Form. Kailangan ko pa bang mag-register sa AMM Zoom Webinar Link?

Yes. Yung Registration and Proxy Form ay para malaman ng PBS kung magpa-participate ka or hindi. Kapag na-indicate mo na ikaw ay attending, saka ka palang makaka-receive ng AMM Zoom Webinar Link. HINDI na padadalhan ng Zoom Webinar Link email ang nagsabing hindi sila attending. Kung YES, ATTENDING ka, please expect na kailangan mo uling mag-register sa AMM Webinar Link Form para maka-join ka sa AMM Zoom Webinar sa Saturday.

10. Hindi pa ako nakakapag-register. Okay lang ba kung sa Saturday na ako mag-register?

Ang deadline ng pag-accept ng registrations sa Registration and Proxy Form at AMM Zoom Webinar Link ay hanggang Friday, June 12, 12:00 NN lamang. Para walang hassle sa iyong pag-participate sa 55th AMM, mag register ka na TODAY. Ang personal 4-digit Election Access Code ay mai-email/text lamang sa iyo pagkatapos mag-register sa dalawang (2) links.

11. Ano ang mangyayari kung sa Registration and Proxy Form lang ako nag-register?

Hindi mo mare-receive ang AMM Zoom Webinar link at hindi mo rin mare-receive ang personal 4-digit Election Access Code. In short, hindi ka makaka-participate sa Business Meeting at hindi ka rin makaka-vote.

12. Nag-register na ako gamit ang ibinigay na dalawang (2) links, pero hindi ko pa rin ma-access ang webinar link. What’s wrong?

Maaaring hindi pa installed ang Zoom app. To install, ito ang tatlong (3) steps.

Step 1:

Buksan ang internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Internet Explorer) kung desktop or laptop ang gamit. Kung tablet or mobile phone ang gamit ay pumunta sa Google Play app or App Store (para sa iPhone or iPad).

Step 2:

Kung desktop or laptop ang gamit,

  1. Search https://zoom.us/download
  2. Click “Zoom Client for Meetings.” Automatic na magdo-download ang Zoom app kapag na-click ito.
  3. Pagkatapos ng download, i-click ang .exe file para mag-start ang installation process.
  4. May lalabas na dialogue box pag na-click ang .exe file. I-click ang “Run” button or “Yes” button. Hintayin lang na mag-load at mag-install ang program.
  5. Mago-open na ang Zoom application.

Kung mobile phone ang gamit,

  1. I-type ang “Zoom app” sa “Search” bar.
  2. I-click ang “Install” button.
  3. Pagkatapos ma-install, i-click ang app para mag-open.

Step 3:

Mag-sign up sa Zoom. Make sure na ang gagamiting email address ay ang email address na ginamit para mag-register sa PBS AMM Zoom Webinar.

  1. Mag-create ng Zoom account gamit ang iyong email address.
  2. Makakatanggap ng email from Zoom para ma-activate ang account.
  3. Buksan ang email at i-click ang “Activate Account” button para ma-activate ang account. Ire-redirect ka sa Zoom para ma-register ang first name, last name, at password. (Isulat ang password para hindi makalimutan.)

13. Nakapag-register na ako at installed na rin ang Zoom app ko. Ano na ang gagawin ko?

All set ka na para sa Saturday! Para maka-join, puntahan ang Webinar Registration Approved page (yung na-save mo na sa bookmark bar). Then i-click ang link below para maka-join sa webinar:

Please click this URL to join. https://us02web.zoom.us/w/84646377590?tk=wlEQMew2yCMXfW1_A_SSmgNkGdPWRyG1wkAvxgMtrd0.DQIAAAATtVE4dhZubnZKUHNoSVNPbUNpOUdsVGVlSWVRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA&pwd=enBnS3l3S08zOXVRRTZaeitOdkI4UT09&uuid=WN_9uLJKMQFTOa7O-KOEM_a1Q

14. Nag-lapse na ang membership ko. Kapag nag-renew ako today, makakapag-vote na ba ako sa Saturday?

According sa PBS By-Laws, required na member ka na at least thirty (30) days bago makapag-vote sa AMM. Good thing makaka-join ka na sa 56th AMM next year.

15. Ano ang mangyayari kung nag-register ako gamit ang dalawang (2) email addresses?

Mare-recognize ito ng system at pipili lamang ng isang ia-approve para sa access sa AMM Zoom Webinar. To avoid delays sa iyong AMM Zoom experience, isang email address lamang ang iyong i-register.

Ang PBS AMM HelpDesk ay nagtatawag para i-assist kayo sa technical concerns. For questions, please text or call JB Paguirigan, 0925-465-7325.

16. May kailangan pa ba akong gawin bago ang AMM sa Saturday?

Yes. Basahin mo ang mga documents na ipinadala sa iyo sa email na Complete Your Registration Today. Makikita mo doon ang mga attached documents gaya ng 55th AMM Program, Minutes of the Meeting, Executive Committee and Board of Trustees Resolutions, Profile of Board Nominees 2020, at AMM Election Guidelines. Pag-aralan ang mga profiles ng mga nominees. Ilista na ang mga napupusuan na nominees na iyong ivo-vote para walang hassles during the election.

Salamat at samahan mo kaming ipanalangin ang success ng activity na ito. See you in Zoom sa Saturday, June 13, 2020!

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“It is a blessing to be able to support our local churches in need of Bibles and Bible study programs. It is our hope that they not only grow in terms of membership but also have the heart to extend spiritual help to others, just like how they have received help.”

Ptr. Callum TabadaUCCP Cosmopolitan Administrative Pastor (AACP benefactor)

“We are thankful since each individual now has a Bible. Our members will no longer have a hard time reading. Thank you also for the discipleship materials for these will help all in getting to know Jesus and to know how to be a better Christian.”

Ptr. Eric BulanteChurch Pastor, Shepherd's Church in Hills of Zion, Talim Island (AACP beneficiary)

“Philippine Bible Society organizes trainings that really respond to the needs of people who are suffering.
It has well-equipped leaders who facilitate trainings and workshops.
Its mission to reach out to Filipinos using God’s Word is fulfilled through its works.”

Miriam del RosarioExecutive director at The Birthright Educators Foundation

“I praise and thank our Almighty God that, through PBS, I now own a Poimen version of MBB (Magandang Balita Biblia) in the national language of the Philippines – Tagalog.
Knowing Matthew 10:32-33, I read and study the Bible so that I will not be dismayed when the Lord Jesus Christ comes. Life is too short compared with the promise of eternal life in God’s Kingdom.”

Jorge BianesLocal Church Elder at LJOR Unified Commonwealth

I think this is very helpful to every readers. The word of the Lord are the food of our soul which we always need every minute of our life. I dont often read the Bible but everytime i open it, God was always like in front of me and speaking as what is something i'm just needing to hear. He speaks to me and i can feel it. A million thanks to You my Lord.

CrisTin Bocar AtregenioHousewife, Stay-at-home parent

I love the ministry of the Philippine Bible Society in sharing the Word to the world. God bless PBS!

Ganni BanzueloScripture Marketing Officer at Philippine Bible Society