Philippine Bible Society

19 Translators participate in Ilocano Full Life Study Bible Workshop

Nineteen individuals from Ilocano-speaking provinces in the country participated in the Philippine Bible Society-led Ilocano Full Life Study Bible (IFLSB) Translation Workshop held last May 12 to 15 in Baguio City.
IFLSB Project Secretary Liezl Ocampo said the workshop was part of the process of selecting the six translators and 12 reviewers they need for the IFLSB project.
The participants were: Ptra. Precila Alingbas, Rev. Ignacio Caput, Ptr. Wayne del Rosario, Ptr. Christopher Bestoca, Solimar Conceja, Ayan Clifford Labenio, Ptra. Raciel Kines, Ptr. Romulo Lopez, Ptr. Regalado Rizado Jr., Rev. Primo Balderas
Rev. Doreen Benavidez, Ptra Wilma Alcoran, Rev. Heredel Cappal, Jesusa Cappal, Rev. Diego Lacay, Engr. Brian Bailey Arquero, Rev. Joseph Benigno, Rev. Pepito Gadallo, and, Gilmore Otculan.
iflsb_transwkshop_02Bible scholars Bishop Daniel Arichea, Ph.D., Rev. Edgar Ebojo, Ph.D., and Anicia del Corro, Ph.D. conducted a series of lectures on Bible translation, particularly those that concern the IFLSB.
The participants also did a series of translation exercises, which were critiqued by Bishop Arichea, the project’s Translation Consultant.
The LIFE Publishers team was also present during the workshop. The team is composed of Rev. John Wright and Rev. Delton Watts, both serving as project directors, and Rev. Jim Dearman, the project print and distribution coordinator.
The LIFE team interviewed the participants individually during the selection process. They also facilitated the final day of the workshop, orienting participants on the Fire Bible: Global Study Edition, which was developed from the Full Life Study Bible that was first published in 1992.
Aside from receiving their copies of the Fire Bible, they were also given an overview of its elements and were oriented with the job descriptions of each member of the translation team, and the LIFE data input system that they will use in the project.
The translators will meet again in Baguio City on June 2, to divide among them the translation work that they will be focusing on for the next two years.