Be amazed at God’s love and grace. See how God graciously communicated with us and sovereignly and powerfully guarded his communication through thousands of years. See “How the Bible Came to Us” at the Bible Museum.

The Bible Museum is a first in the country. It discusses how God used history and the lives of people to send his message across and reveal his goodness and power. At the end of this journey, you will see how God’s Word was preserved, communicated and passed down through ages and finally into our hands. The exhibit presents:

  • Walk-through of the Bible History
  • A replica of the Qumran Cave
  • A life-size figure of Paul writing his letters
  • Artifacts and scale models
  • Among others, the oldest, biggest and smallest Bibles in the country
  • Video of how papyrus is made and how the Bible got translated into modern languages
  • Interactive area where guests can dress up like Bible characters

Here at the Bible Museum, we will learn:

Part 1: History of How the Bible Came to Us

Part 2: The Bible in Modern Languages

Part 3: Interactive Area



For every group of 25 people (with group package,will have a free entrance fee for one person.

(Effective March 2016)

Package Name Cost Inclusion
*Basic Package 50 PHP Guided Tour Available from  M-F 8-5pm.
*Except Saturdays and Holidays
Scripture Package 80 PHP Guided Tour+ Cosplay
+ Scripture Materials Souvenir
Film Showing Tour Package 80 PHP Guided Tour+ Cosplay + Film Showing
Primer Package 120 PHP Guided Tour+ Cosplay + Film Showing + Bible Primer
Hebrew Writing Package 120 PHP Guided Tour+ Cosplay + Hebrew Alphabet Writing Workshop



1. All tours must first be scheduled with the Communications Group. Booking tours must be done at least two weeks before the actual tour date.

2. Scheduled tours must be confirmed before visiting the museum. No tour will be accommodated without confirmation. Request for a confirmation number for your reference.

3. Bible Museum is open from Mondays through Fridays only. Request for Saturday tours is subject to availability.

4. Minimum requirement for group tours is 10 persons. The Bible Museum can only accommodate a maximum of 25 persons at a time. If group is more than the maximum, arrangements will be suggested.

5. Payment should be settled at least one week before the tour.  50% of the full amount must be paid as reservation fee within 3 days after booking while remaining balance must be settled a week before the tour date. This policy is enforced on ALL bookings to secure the scheduled slot. Reservation may be paid through the BibleHouse cashier or be deposited to PBS account. Please send the deposit slip via fax or email, with the following information: a) Name of Group; b) Tour schedule (date and time); c) Number of persons; d) Package availed.

6. Cancellation and re-booking must be done at least 3 days prior to scheduled tour. Bible Museum does not issue a refund for cancelled tours. Failure to advise change of schedule or non-appearance forfeits the deposited payment.

7. All Bible Museum exhibits and materials, written or otherwise, are protected by copyright law. Reproduction of any of these materials is not allowed without written consent from the Bible Museum Management.

8. Tour groups MUST come on time, especially big groups or multiple tours. In case of delay, a grace period of 30 minutes, with prior advice from tour organizer, will be provided. The Bible Museum management reserves the right to refuse accommodation to groups who are not on time.

9. The Bible Museum provides special terms for tour group operators. You will be requested to submit your DTI certification, Business Permit and valid Company ID for verification. Please coordinate with the Communications Group for further details.


Please call, Communications Department Tel #s: (63.2) 524-5337, (63.2) 526-7777 local 621 Email: or

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