Our Partners

ECBAlogoEpiscopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate (ECBA) of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (ECBA-CBCP)

ECBA  is a pastoral commission of the CBCP whose area of competence and service is the biblical-pastoral ministry in its five-fold ministries of: Animating Biblical-Pastoral Formation (ABPF), Organizing Bible Celebration (OBC), Promoting Bible Translation (PBT), Assisting Bible Production (ABP), and Coordinating Bible Distribution (CBD) (Credits to ECBA-CBCP’s official website: http://www.ecba-cbcp.com/)



pcec copyPhilippine Council of Evangelical Churches

The PCEC was established in 1965 by a group of Christian leaders seeking to form an organization that would express their oneness in Jesus Christ and to formalize into a distinct council the growing force and influence of evangelism in the country. The defense of the fundamentals of faith, the need to evangelize the Philippines, and the need to have a clearly evangelical witness were the primary factors that prompted PCEC’s inception. (Credits to PCEC’s official website: http://pceconline.org/)


nccp copyNational Council of Churches in the Philippines

Founded in 1963, NCCP is an ecumenical fellowship of non-Roman Catholic denominations in the Philippines working for unity in faith and order. This implies providing the churches opportunities for common prophetic witness and service in responding to the people’s issues, specifically justice and peace, human dignity and rights, and the integrity of creation. (Credits to NCCP’s official website: http://nccphilippines.org)


febc-logo_sFar East Broadcasting Company

FEBC is an interdenominational ministry whose sole purpose is to share the Good News to the world through radio, the Internet, and emerging technologies. In so doing, it seeks to cooperate with and support existing missionary efforts and the ministry of the greater body of Christ worldwide. (Credits to FEBC’s official website: https://www.febc.org/)




CMN logoCatholic Media Network

CMN is a radio network owned and operated by different pioneering Catholic Broadcast media corporations. CMN is a network of 54 radio stations 28 FM and 27 AM radio stations spread over the Philippine Archipelago in 14 regions and 42 provinces. (Credits to CMN’s official website: http://catholicmedianetwork.org/)


nbdb logo very big

National Book Development Board

The National Book Development Board is the government agency mandated to develop and support the Philippine book publishing industry. Created by RA 8047 or the Book Publishing Industry Development Act in 1995.  (Credits to NBDB’s official website: http://booksphilippines.gov.ph/)