Our Five-Fold Ministry

Scripture Engagement and Advocacy

Scripture engagement is a vital component of our mandate. We understand Scripture engagement as the process of establishing a connection between the Scriptures and an individual or group. Thus through our programs and products, we strive to get people interested in the Word of God. In due time, we pray that this mere search for information would lead to a desire for formation, then ultimately result to transformation—from a spectator into a person living out the principles of the Bible.


Scripture Distribution and Marketing


The Word of God needs to be seen, heard and witnessed. PBS continually seeks pro-active means and adapts to the changing society to bring the Bible to the Filipinos–whenever, wherever, they may be in the country. We distribute the Scriptures and help people to engage with God’s Word



Friend and Fundraising



Propagating the Bible in 7,107 islands is an overwhelming task. Therefore, partnerships and cooperative efforts are part of the Bible Society’s lifeline. This is where your involvement starts and your legacy in reaching people for the Bible cause begins. We give people many opportunities to partner with the Bible Society.





It is the mission of the Bible Society to distribute the Bible in languages that people understand–reading, discovering and understanding God’s Word in your own native tongue. Our translations are faithful to the original languages. Our Translation Consultants offer biblical, technical and linguistic expertise to local translators.


Printing and Production

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We seek the best and most appropriate techniques to ensure Scripture quality and affordability. We print special Scripture products for churches and organizations.