Trauma Healing

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A Bible-based recovery group


What are we to do about the suffering that befalls us? And what about those people whom we know have suffered and are currently suffering? Is there anything we can do to help them? Does the Church also have a ministry to address the needs of people who have been traumatized?


PBS and partner churches have been ministering to traumatized women through the Trauma Healing program, introduced in November 2016 by the American Bible Society. Among its goals is to integrate the program to individual churches all over the Philippines, by equipping volunteers from local churches, parishes, and organizations to become facilitators of trauma healing groups.

The nature of the Trauma Healing Program is to alleviate the pain of those who suffer. There are different causes of pain and grief. The program addresses these things by first answering the question, “Why do we suffer?”

The Trauma Healing program is ongoing in 7 key areas in the country namely, Manila, Tacloban, Iloilo, Davao, Cotabato, Baguio, and Cagayan de Oro.
Continue to join us in prayer for more individuals and communities to be reached and benefited by this program, and for its workers to be well-equipped in the Word of God.

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Stories about Trauma Healing

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Philippine Bible Society organizes trainings that really respond to the needs of people who are suffering. It has well equipped leaders who facilitate trainings and workshops. Its mission to reach out to Filipinos using God's Word is fulfilled through its works.

Miriam del Rosario

“I praise and thank our Almighty God that, through PBS, I now own a Poimen version of MBB (Magandang Balita Biblia) in the national language of the Philippines – Tagalog.
Knowing Matthew 10:32-33, I read and study the Bible so that I will not be dismayed when the Lord Jesus Christ comes. Life is too short compared with the promise of eternal life in God’s Kingdom.”

Jorge BianesLocal Church Elder at LJOR Unified Commonwealth

I think this is very helpful to every readers. The word of the Lord are the food of our soul which we always need every minute of our life. I dont often read the Bible but everytime i open it, God was always like in front of me and speaking as what is something i'm just needing to hear. He speaks to me and i can feel it. A million thanks to You my Lord.

CrisTin Bocar Atregenio

I love the ministry of the Philippine Bible Society in sharing the Word to the world. God bless PBS!

Ganni Banzuelo